Wednesday, May 30, 2012


WPR II Itinerary-
             Thursday June 21: Will mark the eve of the run. I will post lodging options for those that would like a night of comfy living. Those options are found here:
             Campers:  The Camp site is at:
137 North Main Street
Sunderland MA, 01375
Show up when you show up. No major plans but food, beer & and great conversation.
But remember, camping is free and so is the food!
             Friday June 22:
We meet at the McDonald's / 208 Mohawk Trial, Greenfield, MA.
The run leaves Friday morning at 11 AM sharp.
Ø  Can’t make it? No problem. The runs map is posted and easy to follow. You can always ride your own ride to Friday’s site.
             Friday night = hang and set up camp time. Eat some famous dogs and pickles.
D’s Dog House.
             Saturday June 23:
Dust off hang over, morning poops and some breakfast. Then Ride, Ride Ride….
Saturday night??? Ride, rest, relax, eat, drink have fun maybe get a tattoo.
             Sunday June 24:
Head Home and plan for next year.   
The run ends in Brattleboro VT. From there you are on your own.

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