What is it?

The Wicked Pilgrims Run is a “Traditional Motorcycle Run” born on the pages of Chop Cult by a group of like minded individuals and is held in New England.

When is it?

"Wicked Pilgrims Run” will be held on June 21th -24th

Who can come?

Anybody who is interested in the adventure is welcome; you just need to have your shit together.

O.k., but what if I’m an asshole?

Stay at home!
What to expect?

Expecting a good time and an opportunity to meet new friends is a good start.

Sun or Rain this ride goes down! So be prepared.
It will be two night’s of camping and about 9+ hrs of riding through some nice, New England country side.

How much does it cost?

Your life, if you’re a fucktard on two wheels.

Drive responsibly and you’re golden!

There is no entry fee

You will however, be responsible for yourself.

What is the Route?

Expect it to pass through MA/VT/NH

It will jump off in Western MA
Camp out after the party and then head out to Granville Vermont to party and relax.

Then it will be off to NH that Sunday. 
Are there prizes in the end?

Yes, there is!!!
The satisfaction of knowing, that you were a part of something Wicked!

Anything else?

Don’t be trailing in, “Lucile the Bagger Barge” on the back of your pick up.
This is a bike run!
Not the county swap meet.

Working on a chase truck.
However, if there is one available; it will not be used to sooth your sore ass.
It will be for emergency use only.
Oh, and stay tuned to for more information.....................

Hope to see you all there and from the crew of the Wicked Pilgrims Runs,
Thanks in advance for coming.