Wednesday, May 30, 2012


WPR II Itinerary-
             Thursday June 21: Will mark the eve of the run. I will post lodging options for those that would like a night of comfy living. Those options are found here:
             Campers:  The Camp site is at:
137 North Main Street
Sunderland MA, 01375
Show up when you show up. No major plans but food, beer & and great conversation.
But remember, camping is free and so is the food!
             Friday June 22:
We meet at the McDonald's / 208 Mohawk Trial, Greenfield, MA.
The run leaves Friday morning at 11 AM sharp.
Ø  Can’t make it? No problem. The runs map is posted and easy to follow. You can always ride your own ride to Friday’s site.
             Friday night = hang and set up camp time. Eat some famous dogs and pickles.
D’s Dog House.
             Saturday June 23:
Dust off hang over, morning poops and some breakfast. Then Ride, Ride Ride….
Saturday night??? Ride, rest, relax, eat, drink have fun maybe get a tattoo.
             Sunday June 24:
Head Home and plan for next year.   
The run ends in Brattleboro VT. From there you are on your own.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Full belly? What about your tanks?

Mad River and his math skills spent Friday and Saturday marking miles between every gas stop! For you small tanked folks out there I would be sure to thank him. 
Not that I did not mind stopping every 30min or so.

Gas stops for Day One
  1. 40.8 miles to first gas stop
  2. 40.4 to next gas on left
  3. 54 to gas at 100 &4
  4. 35 from there to farm (there is gas on way, 31 miles from last stop where we should all gas up before the end)

Gas stops for Day Two
  • Since we all gassed up the night before and the morning loop returns right by the gas station - there is no need to mark it - loop is 48 miles (but it is in the mountains)
  1. First stop is Stowe - Mobil at corner of 108 and turn to Smuggs - 38 miles from farm
  2. Next stop is bottom of smugglers - the distance is less than 25 miles but you will want to stop for what my friend Vivere Libero considered the motorcycle equivalent of the postcoital cigarette
  3. 41 miles down 2a and 116 to gas on route 17 before the Bristol Gap -
  4. Last gas stop is at the citgo before the Granville gulf approx. 35 miles from gas in Bristol

Friday Night Dinner

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pre Run!

Your friends at the Wicked Pilgrim Run are taking off this weekend to map out the route, mark gas stops and put the final touches on the run. Should be a blast.
There has been a ton of inter-web talk about this event, so keep the chatter alive! Make sure to tell your friends too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UPDATE: Ride the Boston Massacre


If you got balls that can hold up to a good chill. Then head out to Boston on sunday for the Boston Massacre!
Here is a link to the FB page.