Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Got Beer?

The nice folks over at the Spirit Shoppe here in Sunderland have been so gracious as to send two kegs of fresh PBR our way!

Just Day's Away.

Get your gear ready.

Pic of My tent

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Show Class

Got the First issue in the mail today.
A well Worth it read, filled with Chops and to the point articles.
Plus it is nice to see the word get out on the run.

Check out Show Class

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Lowdown

Jason has been talking about posting this for weeks. Fuck it

June 24th
6pm -7pm Meet @ 137 North Main Street Sunderland MA, 01374 for free camping.
7PM - Party at Snowzees Bar 330 Amherst Road Sunderland MA, 01375

June 25th
10-11AM - Meet at McDonalds off the Greenfield Exit #26 on I-91. (I chose this because it's easy to find and right off our route)
11AM, take route 5&10 into Brattleboro VT
Follow route 30 from Brattleboro to Jamaica VT.
Take route 100 into Granville. (still need the adsress from Mad River)
Approximately 124 miles of Riding.

June 26th
The day of the Crucible.
Up to 9 hours of ride time.
Leave Granville heading to Farmington NH
149 miles about 4 hours of riding, Arrive at the Hawgs Pen
For those heading south after the run towards MA, CT ?
We trek on.